A Revolution in Seismic Data Acquisition

We bring to seismic contractors the industry’s only scalable wireless seismic recording system with real-time seismic data return

The operating advantages of cable-less seismic are well understood, but many contractors and oil companies don’t want to sacrifice data visibility.  That’s why we developed the RT system – the industry’s only scalable, cable-free seismic data acquisition system with real-time data return.

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The RT System 2

Wireless Seismic's revolutionary CableFREE and RealTIME seismic acquisition system – scalable to high channel count configurations

The RT System 2 is a revolutionary cable-free and real-time seismic data acquisition system that scales to tens of thousands of channels.  RT System 2 delivers, at scale, the flexibility and reduced operating costs inherent in cable-less systems, along with the well-understood advantages of real-time cabled systems, including data security and data visibility.  Seismic contractors no longer need to sacrifice real-time data return and risk compromising the quality and the security of their data to get access to a high channel-count, cable-less system.

RT System 2 is designed and engineered to overcome the limitations of the currently available seismic recording systems and to deliver a reliable, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for both conventional and unconventional seismic operations.  RT System 2 advances the way seismic data is acquired onshore – by taking advantage of highly efficient radio technologies, instead of bulky, heavy, unreliable cables and by overcoming the data QC, collection, transcription, and security limitations of 'blind' nodal systems.

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Advantages that matter most

See all your data, all of the time

Simple, safer, cost-effective deployments

Compact, rugged units designed for quick "tilt-and-go" deployment

Light-weight, lithium-ion batteries proven to last 20+ days (assuming a 12-hour workday), even in the harshest weather conditions

Solutions Right Where It Matters

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