See all your seismic data, all the time

Click to enlarge. Wireless Seismic data courtesy Geofizyka Krakow.

RT2 allows you to collect seismic data in real time from thousands of channels using wireless telemetry, while providing all of the benefits of a cable-free system.

  • Secures all data in real time
  • Instant confirmation of data quality enabling informed decisions
  • No costly and time-consuming data collection or transcription

DYNAMIC FORMATION: Line segments self organize, based on their location, reducing operator input errors and increasing deployment efficiency. Newly deployed units are automatically added to the end of the lines.

REAL-TIME NOISE MONITORING and QC: Since noise and signal degradation can be monitored in real-time, there is no blind shooting, poor data quality, or loss of data due to box theft, damage, or software bugs.

REAL-TIME SEISMIC DATA COLLECTION: No need to wait to see your data; RT2 is real-time, all the time.

RAPID FIRE: Allows multiple shots to be acquired in rapid succession without over-subscribing the radio telemetry. The data is buffered into WRU memory and "drained" in an orderly fashion.

SKIP HEALING TELEMETRY: RT2 is capable of automatically skipping over faulty units to reform the network, allowing shooting to continue while a crewman attends to the problem.

DATA SAFE: Ensures that there is no loss of data due to line breaks. Disconnected WRUs continue to record data until the end of the current record. Then data from the interrupted seismic record, and any other data already being buffered in the WRU memory, are automatically collected by the Central system upon restoration of line communications.

HYBRID RADIO TELEMETRY: Enables your seismic data acquisition project to continue, uninterrupted, even if radio connectivity is temporarily lost for portions of the spread.  If radio connectivity is partially lost and auto skip-healing cannot overcome the immediate problem, then "stranded" WRUs will immediately switch to operating autonomously, buffering their seismic data into flash memory.  When radio connectivity is restored, buffered data are wirelessly transmitted back to the Central recorder.  
Download Hybrid Radio Telemetry PDF.

Download Russian translation PDF.

Download Russian translation-ТЕПЕРЬ оборудована функцией Гибридной радиотелеметрии/Hybrid Radio Telemetry PDF.

Advantages that matter most

RealTIME — See all of your data, all of the time.
CableFREE — Simple, safer, cost-effective deployments.
UserFRIENDLY — Compact, rugged units designed for quick deployment.
BatteryLIFE — Light-weight, lithium-ion batteries proven to last 25+ days (assuming a 12-hour workday), even in the harshest weather conditions.
ScaleABILITY — Scales to tens of thousands of channels for large-scale 2D or 3D surveys.
DataVISIBILITY — Live data transmission enables real-time QC monitoring and eliminates blind shooting and data loss.
HSEADVANTAGED — Less weight, fewer personnel and vehicles result in reduced exposure hours and minimal environmental impact.
DataSECURITY — Highly efficient hybrid radio technologies enable instantaneous data QC, collection, transcription, and overall data security.


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